Monday, June 27, 2022

Very Brief Blog: CMS Updates Roster of Lab Pricing Panel Members

 On June 23 last week, CMS held the public comment meeting for pricing new lab tests (there were 35 speakers and a spectrum of about 100 codes in play).   The next step in this process is the publicly streamed meeting of a CMS advisory panel of experts, which will be July 18-19.

The panelists will form four or five subgroups, each of which will take a deep dive on about 20 codes.  During the meeting, the subgroup for each code will describe its findings (for a minute or two), and the panel will discuss.   The public does not have a voluntary opportunity to comment, but panelists MAY elect to ask if their is a representative for that code observing online, and if he/she can answer a question.

Panelists then vote on one or more pricing choices.

In June 2022, CMS updated the public list of the 14 panel members.  

Here's the web page for the panel:

Here's the link to the PDF Roster: