Monday, June 13, 2022

Nerd Note: AMA Publishes Panel Actions from May 2022 CPT Meeting

AMA publishes "Panel Actions" to report in brief the results of each CPT agenda item from the most recent CPT meeting.   It takes about 30 days, and now the "Panel Actions" from the early May 2022 CPT meeting are online.  Find the 10 page document here:

From a simple "Find" word count, I count about 23 withdrawals and 8 rejections.  This follows the rule of thumb that most candidates withdraw if they're told the public hearing of their code would only result in a rejection.   

On the lab side, codes for HPV extended genotyping and for Gadolinium (measures as concentration of the blood analyte) were rejected.  A tumor methylation classifier was also "rejected" rather than withdrawn, as was a code for tumor-tissue-modified HPV.  A proposal to edit the respiratory pathogen panels 87631-33 was withdrawn.   

An interesting-sounding code for "AI generated oncologic therapies" was "rejected."  Then, so was a code for "human milk donation services."

A range of of 13 codes for "Digital Pathology" add on services will appear in Category III codes, along with a heading and guidelines.   This will be in the January 2023 book, and may be published on the Cat III pages of the AMA CPT website for July 1 (not 100% sure but I think so).

Several Cat III codes for virtual reality procedures and therapies were added.  

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