Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Short Deck and Video about CMS Pricing Artificial Intelligence Medical Services

 You might be surprised to find out how many reimbursement decisions Medicare has recently made regarding AI-based services.   

  • See a short deck here.
  • Over on YouTube, I walk through the deck (5 minutes), here.
First, I walk through New Technology Add-on Payment (NTAP) services in the inpatient rules for FY2021 and newly for FY2022.   This include Viz.AI ContaCT (yes $1040), AI DOc Briefcase for PE (no), Rapid ASPECTS (no), and Caption Health Guidance (yes $1868).

Next, I walk through three examples from this fall's PFS final rule.  These include retinal AI (92229),  Heartflow (0503T), and iRhythm-and-similars (93241ff).   Finally, I mentioned 0219U (a histopathology-AI lab service for breast cancer).  

See more links about the fall final rules here.  Though it doesn't have coding and reimbursement to address here, see my recent blog on PAIGE and its FDA AI approval, here, and Harry Glorikian's interview with the CEO of PAIGE, here.

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