Friday, November 19, 2021

AMA Posts Webpage for February Meeting; Early Rapid Comment on Lab Codes is Open

Three times a year, AMA opens a new webpage for the upcoming CPT meeting.  AMA has just opened the webpage for 

For any meeting, check this home page for CPT and see if the next meeting is posted yet:

For the February 3-5 2022 meeting, find it here:

Find the PDF for the lab agenda here:

If you want to comment on a lab code, you must follow a prescribed application process (in the PDF) and request materials for review by December 2, and submit written comments by December 9.  This is because AMA wants your comments to be available to lab policy subcommittee meetings.  For "regular" proposed CPT codes, the review period is later and much longer, from early December to mid January.

There are a number of tumor genome codes in play, including revisions for Comprehensive Genomic Profiling regarding DNA vs RNA analysis.  This one is a puzzle, since this topic was raised and "passed" (according to the AMA posted results) in September.  Should be exciting.

Agenda items in brief are below.  See full PDF for full description.

  1. Revise 0016M, bladder test.
  2. 81401 code revision for ARMS2 gene.
  3. 81401 revision for CHF gene.
  4. Chemistry code for gadolinium.
  5. Revision to CGP codes (e.g. 814XX) for RNA, DNA, etc.  Seems to revisit a 9/2021 change.
  6. WGS specifically for use in oncology (current WGS is for germline).
  7. MAAA code 815xx for tumor methylation.
  8. MAAA code 815xx for modified HPV in tumor tissue.
  9. Obstetric panel, delete 81055 and create 80081.

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AMA hasn't posted registration for the meeting yet.  The last meeting (October) was planned as real/virtual but then switched to virtual.  I believe the next one (February) is again planned as real/virtual.  Since it's not posted, the city is unknown to be, but I noticed that RUC will meet about the same time in San Diego.