Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Many Hospitals Still Struggle with Margins, Cash

In the first two COVID months, we heard how hospital revenues often plummeted and the situation was described as dire.   

For an update to February 2021, see a report from Kaufman Hall on hospital finances and margins.   

  • See a trade journal summary at HealthCareDive here
    • See an update by a different HCD journalist on Feb 25, here.
  • See the original 30 page PDF online here.

The authors summarize, "The median hospital operating margin was down 46.1% compared to January 2020, and down 34.1% when CARES Act funding is factored in. Smaller hospitals tended to experience smaller drops than larger institutions.  Adjusted discharges were down 17.6%."

Kaufman Hall provides consulting services (strategic, financial) for institutions including healthcare and education.