Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Very Brief Blog; Consultancy DECIBIO Releases Data on Uptake of Clinical Genomics

The Los Angeles-based specialty consultancy DECIBIO (here) publishes a very interesting blog on the recent changes and uptake of precision medicine genomics in the clinic.   

Find it here.  Good graphics and key takeaways.

Highlights include (1) marked uptake of biomarker test adoption; (2) NGS is becoming a standard method, but decentralization is slow; (3) LBx is coming on strong; (4) we'll eventually see more digital pathology and AI; (5) "the role of the pathologist is changing." 

See Deciobio article; sample graphic here.


With regard to #5, "The role of the pathologist is changing."

I've seen several articles with titles like "The Role of the Pathologist in XYZ" in 2019/2020.  See "Traditional diagnostics vs disruptive technology: Role of the pathologist in the era of liquid biopsy," Sholl, 2020, (subscription), here.   See a similar European paper on the role of the pathologist in contemporary oncology (Matias-Guiu et al., open access, 2020, here).   See "The changing role of pathologists" in precision medicine, Masood, 2019, open access, here.  See "Next generation pathologist," Fassan, 2018, open access, here.   Or "Evolving role of the pathologist," Piana, 2019 in ASCO Post, here.  

From Arch Path Lab Med, see "A Validated Exam to Assess Pathologist Knowledge of Genomic Oncology," 2020, Haspel, open access, here.  "Role of the pathologist in genetically mutated breast cancer," Masood, 2020 (subscription), here.  "Morphology and molecular testing, a practical approach," Gullo, 2020 (subscription), here.

Also striking a note close to the Decibio study, see Vashistha, 2020, "Medical oncologists' perspectives on the VA National Precision Medicine Program, open access, here."