Thursday, November 19, 2020

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts Lab Test Applications for February 2021 CPT Cycle

There are three AMA CPT editorial meetings per year, with application deadlines several months in advance.  AMA has posted for review and comment the lab test applications for the February 2021 CPT meeting.   If you are a stakeholder with a material interest in one or more of these codes, by November 20 you may request the application packet from AMA CPT.   Then, after reviewing the packet, you may submit comments to AMA CPT by November 30.

The PDF announcement is here.  As instructed there, you'd submit a request-to-comment to AMA staffer Michael Pellegino by November 20.

There's an application for IL-6, an immunoassay which has never been coded, but there's a new IL-6 test (from Roche) that has an FDA EUA for COVID assessment.  There are about a dozen other applications, interestingly, none of them for molecular or MAAA tests.

There are separate and later AMA review dates for all codes that are not lab codes.  This is because lab codes starting going through special subcommittees in December (e.g. "Pathology Coding Caucus.")