Thursday, May 14, 2020

Webinar May 21: Transformation of Healthcare After COVID (Glorikian et al; Foley Lardner LLP)

On Thursday, May 21, 3 ET, 2 CT, 12 PT, Foley Lardner LLP is hosting a webinar on "Post Pandemic Transformation in Health Care and Life Sciences." 

Harry Glorikian and I will be the two guest panelists. Harry Glorikian is a noted entrepreneur, biotech strategist, book author, futurist, and venture capitalist. (I'm one of those things). 

For the event website and full description (registration is free), click here.

Announcement continues:

While the health care and life sciences communities have been intently focused on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a number of major changes in care delivery and product development emerge that promise to become permanent — for example, a significant increase in telemedicine and greater reliance on telehealth technologies, regulatory shifts impacting care delivery sites and reimbursement models, and the application of AI and location data for disease tracking and contact tracing, to name a few. 

These changes will undoubtedly drive industry transformation, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses to consider in a new post-pandemic ecosystem.

As we continue to address today’s immediate and unprecedented public health crisis, it is important we also look to address tomorrow’s critical questions of what the “new normal” might look like for health care and life sciences development moving forward, as well as how to thrive in that changed environment.

Please join Foley presenters and featured industry guests on Thursday, May 21, for a webinar focused on navigating this “new normal.” Core discussion topics will include:
Top emerging changes and how they are expected to impact the future of health care and life sciences
How to prepare for and adapt to these changes to keep your company competitive and positioned for continued success
Potential opportunities for business development and growth stemming from industry transformation, including when to pursue them and associated risks to avoid