Thursday, October 31, 2019

Very Brief Blog: CDx Forum; Illumina Forum; PMC in Boston; Many More Meetings

The flurry of conferences and events marches on.  These crossed my inbox in the last few days.  (One or two of them, unfortunately, seem to cross my inbox daily.  Ok, I get it already.)

On October 29-30, see the Fourth Annual Companion Diagnostics Forum in Princeton. Here.

On November 6-8,  see the California Clinical Lab Association in Orange CountyHere.

On November 7-9, see the Association for Molecular Pathology in BaltimoreHere.

On November 13-14, see the 15th Annual Personalized Medicine Coalition at Harvard Medical School in BostonHere.

My Linked-In feed brought advertisements for an Illumina "Market Access Symposium" in NYCNovember 15 - right after PMC in Boston.  Here.  The agenda is an interesting read.  Illumina brings you lots about payers.

On December 3-4, see the Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement Conference from Q1 in BostonHere.  (Or see the West Coast version, February 11-12, San Diego).

January 21-24, see the Precision Medicine World Conference in Silicon Valley.  (I'm a panelist).  Here.

On February 11-12, see the West Coast edition of the Diagnostic Coverage and Reimbursement Conference from Q1. San DiegoHere.

On February 27, the Foley Lardner Business of Personalized Medicine Summit in South San Francisco. (I'm a panelist.)  Here.

On March 1-4, the 27th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Con in San Francisco.  (I'm running a workshop).  Here.