Monday, October 28, 2019

Very Brief Blog: AMA PLA Code Watch: 9 New Proposals

AMA takes applications for PLA codes (proprietary lab codes) quarterly, and processes them very rapidly.   For codes accepted October 10, they were posted for comment October 17 and comment closed October 22.   They will come to a panel vote in early November, be published January 1, and effective April 1.

Ten New Applications

There were ten new code applications in the current cycle.   There is also one code deletion ("detection of 120 medications, substances, supplements, foods") and two code revisions (therascreen FGFR kit, therascreen  PIC3CA).

The AMA calendar for 2020 is not published yet, but applications are about the 10th of each quarter (about January 10, April 10, July 10, October 10).

  • PLA home page here.
  • PLA codes for October 2019 here.
  • PLA calendar home page here.
The next publicly available PLA call is Tuesday, November 12, 7 ET 4 PT.   However, this calls are often quite short (the codes may be stated to be a "consent agenda" with rapid "aye" votes and the meeting closes.)