Sunday, July 21, 2019

Very Brief Blog: MEDPAC Posts Annual CMS Data; Consultancy Says Med Adv Could Hit 70%

MEDPAC Data Book

In CMS news, this past week MEDPAC, the independent advisory body for Medicare policy, posted its 2019 "Medicare Data Book," a 206-page PDF.   Find it online here.

This is separate from the annual MEDPAC report to congress, which was released in June (here) and including topics such as Part D and Part B drug payment reforms and recommendations.  That one weighed in at 503 pp.

Medicare Advantage Growth Curve

In other news, Forbes reported on a new LEK consultancy viewpoint that Medicare Advantage plans could reach 70% by 2030, just ten years in the future.  Current Med-Adv share is 35% and steadily rising.   See Forbes here, LEK here.   Forbes also ran an article this week on the popularity of Medicare Advantage and how it plays into "Medicare For All" debates - here