Monday, July 15, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Dark Daily Highlights Pathologist's Role in Nixing Theranos

In a July 15, 2019, article, the open access site Dark Daily, related to trade journal Dark Report, highlights the role of pathologist Adam Clapper in bringing down the Theranos juggernaut several years ago.

The pathologist, who at the time ran Pathology Blawg, was skeptical of a favorable New Yorker article published in December 2014.
  • See the July 2019 Dark Daily article here.
  • The Dark article builds on an April 2019 Missouri newspaper article here.

The "Discoveries" Theranos Webpage: December 2014 to December 2016

Beginning at the same time, in December 2014, this blog Discoveries began a single multi hundred link blog on Theranos.  That blog page was continuously updated for several years to track the rise and fall of the Theranos story - and it's still online here.

The timeline is remarkable.  I googled backwards to provide internet links on Theranos starting in 2006.  But the main saga runs from December 2014 (the New Yorker article), to October 2015 (the landmark WSJ article), to December 2016, when it was clear that Theranos was kaput.  I stopped updating the website once it was clear that Theranos was doomed.


The Discoveries blog runs 10,000 words and circa 500 links.