Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Very Brief Blog: AMA Posts Proposed PLA and CPT Codes for Labs

On July 23, 2019, AMA posted 3Q2019 proposed PLA codes for public comment.

Stakeholders with a direct interest in a proposed PLA code can apply to AMA for a copy of the application and make comment.  The timetable is rapid, with comments due July 28.  AMA will hold a public audio conference on the codes on August 14, 2019.

  • See PLA home page here.  See links such as REGISTER to listen in on audio meeting, which also would require a confidentiality form.
  • See PDF of new PLA applications in cloud here.
  • I tally about 25 new codes; there are also several code deletions.

Close observers will note that this PLA cycle posting date and comments due date is a few days later than the original calendar for 2019.  If my memory serves, based on older calendars, these codes would have showed up at the September all-CPT Seattle meeting, but the current calendar shows they will be voted by CPT Panel now via an audio conference August 14.

The next PLA application date will be October 10, 2019, which codes should be posted for comment October 17.

Regular CPT Codes for Labs

As noted in an earlier blog, here, AMA has also posted the regular CPT proposals for lab codes for the Seattle September 2019 meeting.  There are about 17 agenda items....here. You must request any tabs for comment by July 29, and submit your comment by August 5. 

Non-lab codes for the September Seattle meeting should post about July 26 and will have a later comment deadline.