Sunday, June 30, 2019

Very Brief Blog: Three Genomics IPO S1s in One Zip

When companies announce planned IPOs, it's easy to find the trade press, and when the IPO occurs, it gets a lot of press again.

Most news articles don't link to the actual SEC filing documents, especially the content- and strategy-rich S-1 document.  I've provided one zip file cloud link below. 

There have recently been three IPO plans announced in genomics - Adaptive Biotechnologies on May 31, aiming to raise $300M, Personalis on June 12, aiming to raise $100-150M, and Castle Biosciences, June 26, aiming to raise $58M.

The S-1 documents tally 271pp, 220pp, and 203pp, respectively.   Adaptive had its IPO on Thursday June 28, and its stock popped from $20 to $40, ending the day with a market cap circa $6B.

Link Here

Find the three IPO S-1 documents in one cloud Zip file, here.   That's 694 pages of July beach reading.

Representative trade press - Adaptive here, Personalis here, Castle here.  Last winter, Castle picked up for its Board of Directors the CFO of Genomic Health.