Friday, June 28, 2019

Very Brief Blog: CMS Publishes Updated Roster for Lab Advisory Panel

On June 28, 2019, many of us were waiting into Friday evening to see if CMS would publish its annual proposed rules for Hospital Outpatient or Physician Services.  It didn't.   (CMS may wait til Wednesday night, July 3...)

However, we were rewarding with the posting of new members of the CMS advisory lab panel, aka the CDLT Advisory Panel. 

See the regular CMS website here.  See the website for the July 22-23 2019 meeting, here.  (Registration due by July 1 for in person attendance). 

For the publication on the new CDLT Panel Members, see 84 Fed Reg 31070-71, here.

New members are:

  • Maria Arcila MD, Sloan-Kettering
  • Karen Carroll MD, IDSA
  • Lydia Contis MD, Univ. Pittsburgh
  • Elizabeth Harris MD, Humana
  • Kevin Krock PhD, Precision Diagnostics
  • Elaine Lyon PhD, AMP
  • Healther Shappell MS, CGC (NSGC)
Ongoing panelists include:
  • Vickie Baselski PhD, ASM
  • Aaron Bossler MD PhD, AMP
  • Pranil Chandra DO, AMP
  • William Clarke, PhD MBA, AACC
  • Stanley Hamilton MD, CAP
  • Kimberley Hanson MD, IDSA
  • Michele Schoonmaker PhD, AMTA
Rotating off ("or will expire in 2019") are Geoffrey Baird MD, Seattle Children's, Raju Kuperchalati, C21M, Bryan Loy MD MBA, Humana, Gail Marcus PhD MBA "self nomination," Carl Morrison MD DVM (US Congress, Roswell Park), and Rebecca Sutphen MD "self nomination."


Here's what CMS says in brief about the panel:

Section 1834A(f)(1) of the Act directs
the Secretary of the Department of
Health and Human Services (the
Secretary) to consult with an expert
outside advisory panel established by
the Secretary, composed of an
appropriate selection of individuals
with expertise in issues related to
clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.
Individuals may include molecular
pathologists, researchers, and
individuals with expertise in laboratory
science or health economics.

The CDLT Panel will provide
information and recommendations to
the Secretary and the Administrator of
the Center for Medicare & Medicaid
Services (CMS), on the following:

• The establishment of payment rates
under section 1834A of the Act for new
Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests
(CDLTs), including whether to use
‘‘cross walking’’ or ‘‘gap filling’’
processes to determine payment for a
specific new test;
• The factors used in determining
coverage and payment processes for
new CDLTs; and
• Other aspects of the new payment
system under section 1834A of the Act.