Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Very Brief Blog: UK NHS Releases 50-page Digital Health Report; Sanofi Joins the Wave; Topol Links

In trade news today, UK NHS releases a 50-page digital health report, aka "The Topol Report."

Download it here.   For coverage at MedCity, here.

For more 2019 Topol, see also
   (1) his article on AI and medicine in Nature Medicine, here, and
   (2) his new book on Amazon, Deep Medicinehere.  Interview here.

In other news, Sanofi appoints a Digital Health Officer here.   Ameet Nathwani MD, is also Sanofi's chief medical officer.  Heather Bell, a McKinsey grad with a PhD from Oxford, holds a similar global digital health title at Sandoz, here.

Nature launches a new Digital Medicine Journal; article here, website here.   See a summary of these topics at Endpoints, here.


For a fifty-minute November 2018 Rock Health panel, Digital Health: Where's the Exit?, YouTube here.  Text here.

For a February 12, 2019, article in NYT about artificial intelligence in physician decision-making, here, based on a Nature Medicine article on a pediatrics AI system here.

For digital health "from a Marie Kondo viewpoint," here.

AMA also has a 100 page report on digital health adoption, here.

For more on Topol (as coauthor), Quer et al. 2017 on diagnostic vision and AI (open access here), and a quirky JAMA article on the difference between digitally monitoring a jet engine and human health (Tarassenko & Topol, 2018, subscription, here.)  Topol on escaping the EHR boondoggle, here.  Interview with Topol, here.

See an article that physicians can predict readmissions as well or better as fancy algorithms, here.   Of course, physicians can't predict readmissions on 20,000 patients at once.