Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Brief Blog: Scripps Calendars "Future of Individualized Medicine" Conference, March 14-15, 2019

Scripps has scheduled its 2019 "Future of Individualized Medicine Conference (FOIM)," which will be Thursday/Friday, March 14-15, 2019, in La Jolla.  It's the 11th annual event.

See the agenda here.  Registration through March 4 is $450 (on site, $550). 

On the third day, Saturday, March 16, there will be a separate workshop on implementing precision medicine.  For the extra workshop, registration is $450, or for $500, if you also would like PGX testing from OneOme.

Eric Topol chairs the conference; he just supervised a 50-page "Topol Report" for digital medicine in the UK NHS (here).

Conference text clipped below:

Future of Individualized Medicine
March 14-15, 2019 | La Jolla, California

After 11 annual conferences exploring genomic medicine, we’re broadening our scope.

In 2019, the newly renamed Future of Individualized Medicine (formerly Future of Genomic Medicine) conference will expand to include additional perspectives on how to tailor medicine to the individual. Individualized medicine takes into account a person’s genes—and genomics will remain a core topic for exploration and discussion—but it also considers the full spectrum of a person’s uniqueness from their biologic, physiologic, anatomic, lifestyle and environmental information.

The Future of Individualized Medicine conference will thus incorporate perspectives from the emerging fields of digital medicine, artificial intelligence and machine learning, behavioral science and others.

This is truly a multidisciplinary forum designed to accelerate the transformation of medicine.