Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Brief Blog: Trapelo and Astrazeneca Launch New Approaches to the "Last Mile" in Successful Precision Oncology

This week, an article in Genomeweb highlighted the continuing gaps in clinician knowledge and testing penetration which inhibits precision oncology.  Genomeweb Premium article here.  (Open access at AP, here.)

Around the first of the year, there were a flurry of announcements in the clinical bioinformatics space, such as Illumina announcing a partnership with PierianDx, Qiagen buying Nof1, and Sophia Genetics raising $77M for expansion.   This week, DNAnexus in Mountain View announced a $68M funding round, to deploy Apollo, "platform for multi omics and clinical data science," here.  It had also raised $58M just twelve months ago.

Two more topics in the field, this week.


Genomeweb runs an article on Trapelo, a newly packaged and integrated service from Intervention Insights.   The article describes a partnership with City of Hope, and describes the service as follows:
...An evidence-based clinical decision support system that links healthcare providers, testing laboratories, and payors, giving them access to current, molecular testing information and results interpretation in order to optimize utilization of molecular testing services and offer the most appropriate care to patients.
Company website here.  See a video on the home page.

CEO is Clyde Taylor (here), who recently wrote a Linked In blog on his vision for precision medicine (here).  He previously held a high position with clinical decision support at NantHealth.

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AZ and AZ Oncology ID

This week brought both direct mail, internet advertisements, and a paste-on oncology journal cover about Astrazeneca Oncology ID.  Pitch:  "AZ Oncology ID is your resource for biomarker testing to help patients receive the most appropriate, personalized treatment."  See the website here:    

Another pharma adventure in this space is Navify, from Roche, "a cloud-based workflow product that securely integrates and displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard for oncology care teams to review, align and decide on the optimal treatment for the patient."

Myriad Highlights Best-of-Breed Clinical Integration

On the same theme of the last mile in oncology genomics, Myriad's investor call deck includes a slide highlighting their "best of breed" integration with patient costs, E.M.R. integration, availability of consult sessions, tele-education, and results-management provider portal.  Branded as Myriad Complete Pic:


On the same informatics vein, a recent article in Dark Report (12/24/2018) focused on how labs like Quest are strengthening their data analytics and patient management game to provide more integrated and useful information to large payers. 

(And today Google Verily announces it is taking on clinical care in the opioid epidemic with big data, here; similarly here, here.)