Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Very Brief Blog: New Medical Director at CMS MolDx Program - Dr Paul Gerrard

The Medicare special contractor program for genomic tests, MolDx, has a new interim medical director, Dr. Paul Gerrard.   Labs who work with the MolDx program have begun receiving emails about the transition in staffing and it was discussed this week at the California Clinical Laboratory Association.

Dr. Gerrard is a Harvard-trained and board-certified physiatrist.  His Linked-In is here.   He holds an MD from Medical University of South Carolina (2009).

Dr. Jim Almas, the senior medical director for MolDx from mid-2017 to August 2018, has retired from that position.   Almas had previously been part of the CMS coverage group in Baltimore (2016/2017), and he had held senior management roles in several large hospital systems.   (Linked-In here.)

According to several sources, MolDx has plans to bring on additional medical director staff this fall.