Thursday, August 2, 2018

Comment on (Non Lab) CPT Codes Proposed for September AMA CPT Meeting

AMA CPT provides a brief listing of new code applications and accepts public comment a motnh or two before each CPT Editorial Panel meeting.   

Lab codes run on an earlier schedule than non-lab codes.

Go to the home page for the September 27-29, 2018, CPT editorial panel meeting, here.

Scroll down to"Panel Meeting Public Agenda" and download the PDF file (currently here.)

  • For lab codes, AMA expected you to request a packet on a code of interest by August 1, and deliver comments to them by August 7.
  • For non-lab codes, AMA will accept requests to review an application packet until September 7, and will accept your comments until September 14.

62 Agenda Items

The September 2018 meeting is the last meeting for which new (non lab) codes will enter the CY2020 CPT manual.   Therefore, September meetings tend to be bigger than average.

There are a range of code deletions and new code proposals for "Online Digital Evaluation Services, or E-Visits."   There are new or revised codes for self-measured blood pressure monitoring and other remote physiologic monitoring.  There is a Cat III code for addiction management (tab 58) and for biomechanical computed tomography (tab 57). 

I tally 18 tabs for Category III codes (some of which are agenda items with multiple codes within them; and several are requests to revise codes up from Cat III to Cat I.)