Friday, August 3, 2018

Very Brief Blog; McKinsey Publishes Trifecta of Life Sciences Strategy Articles

McKinsey & Co. is a leading global strategy consultancy.  Their Pharma & Life Sciences strategy group regularly publishes detailed open access articles on trends in pharma or, less often, medical devices.

This summer, for airplane or beach reading, see a trifecta of articles at their division website (both web and PDF versions are available; email registration may be required).  Start here.

  • Designing a Healthy Future for Medical Devices (6pp)
  • Real World Evidence: Driving a New Drug Development Paradigm in Oncology (8 pp)
  • Launches in Oncology: Elements of Success (16 pp)

Also in early August.  On a separate note Endpoints blog has an entry here on a new 15 page PDF report here from IMAK on overpricing in the drug industry based on patent thickets. Press release here.  IMAK is a 503(c) originally titled, Institute for Medicines, Access, Knowledge.  They have a lengthy news item page here.   Secretary of Health Alex Azar has made remarks about "patent gaming."  Trade journal article at MedCity about IMAK, here.

Also in early August, Politico had a piece on drug prices in the and shadow-boxing over price hikes and cuts, here.