Saturday, June 16, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Justice Department Documents on Elizabeth Holmes & Theranos

It's widespread news on Friday, June 15, 2018, that Department of Justice has indicted former Theranos CEO on criminal fraud charges.    See for example here and here.

Not all articles link to the original DOJ documents.

  • The DOJ press release is here.
  • The DOJ indictment, based on Grand Jury investigations, 15pp, is here.

For my contemporary library of about 150 articles, begun and 2014 and running through the famous WSJ articles in late 2015 and continuing into 2016, see here.

In May 2018, WSJ reporter John Carreyou published his book, BAD BLOOD, about his two year investigation into Theranos.   I wrote about two sections in the book.  In one, he describes a previously unknown story wherein a senior FDA executive flies from Maryland to Florida to meet with Gen. Mattis about problem with Theranos (this was long before Mattis joined the company's board of directors.)  Here.   I also highlight anecdotes in the book where an unnamed FDA official leaks confidential non public government information about pending investigation reports and pending reviews of confidential company data submitted to the agency.   Here.   For perspective on that, I highlight a recent criminal case where a CMS official was convicted of having leaked pre public from another HHS agency.