Sunday, June 24, 2018

NPR Profiles Vijay Prasad, Oncologist Who Critiques "Hype"

In September 2016, almost two years ago, I a column about then-current articles under the category of "precision medicine sceptics."

On Sunday, June 24, NPR runs a seven minute interview and an on-line article about Vijay Prasad, the OHSU-based oncologist who is a prolific author of articles "calling out hype" in the field of precision medicine.   The NPR article is here.   See also what looks like an open-access article at the trade journal Cancer Letter, dated June 22, here.

Prasad was part of a "debate" at the June Chicago ASCO on precision medicine, as covered by NPR.   Just in April, see coverage of a "debate" on the same topic at AACR, here.

 Another West Coast academic, Stanford's John Ioannadis, is equally prolific in hype-bashing productivity; e.g. recent blog article here.

I'll let you assess the NPR interview for yourself.  If of interest, I've clipped a couple dozen of Prasad's 2017-2018 articles from PubMed below the break.


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