Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Very Brief Blog: IJRO Issue Highlights to Growing Intersection of Radiotherapy and Genomics

I recall that back in the 2000's decade there were a few reports of ways that genetic testing might help shape decisions for radiotherapy.  For example, there are some genetic variants that make clinical radiotherapy for more toxic to a few of us than to the rest.

In June 2018, the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, aka "Red Journal," has five special articles on the current status of precision medicine in radiotherapy.   While the main articles are subscription only, there is a summary of each of the main articles open access here.

While the HTML won't be perfect, I've clipped full titles and links from the table of contents after the break.

Topics include:

  • An overview by Kirsch (4pp)
  • A second op ed by Marks et al. (3pp)
  • An association-supported review and report on genomically guided radiation therapy by Hall et al. (8pp)
  • A report on big data and radiation therapy by McNutt et al. (7pp)
  • An article on the intersection of advanced imaging and radiation therapy by Jaffray et al. (7pp)