Friday, May 25, 2018

CMS Posts Final Expanded Code List for June 25 Crosswalk/Gapfill Meeting

In April, CMS announced June 25, 2018, as the date for the summer public comment crosswalk-gapfill meeting for 2019 CPT lab codes.  May 24 should be the final update of the code list to be debated, as the list should be finalized 30 days ahead of the June 25 meeting.

At this webpage, scroll down for Code Lists and choose the one Updated May 24, 2018.   (The direct link straight to the zip file should be here.)

There are an eye popping 100 agenda items now, including a set of PLA codes released by AMA on June 1, through 0061U.   The update adds about 18 PLA codes (agenda 83-100).

  • Registration is required by June 11 via a registration site.
    • As of May 29, 2018, there were 137 spaces left.   
  • If submitting a presentation, it has the same due date, but you submit to an email, not the registration site.   
  • If you have someone in your party who is a FOREIGN NATIONAL, rapidly contact CMS staff as there are special procedures to follow.   

CMS will hold a two day meeting of its lab test advisory panel July 16-17 by national webinar.

For more details see my earlier post.