Saturday, May 26, 2018

Four Convicted in Federal Criminal Case: Leaking and Using CMS Policy Secrets

This isn't new news, but in early May, four individuals were convicted in federal court of either leaking or using confidential CMS policy information prior to its release, with resulting financial gains.

The convictions were announced for David Blaszczak, a policy consultant, Christopher Worrall, a then-current CMS employee, and two staff at Deerfield Management hedge fund, Theodore Huber and Robert Olan. 

See May 4, 2018 DOJ press release here.  See May 7, 2018 trade press at Healthleaders Media, here.  Reuters here.

During the trial, Bloomberg had run an article about the strongly conveyed testimony of former CMS deputy director Jonathan Blum, on how stringently he tried to convey confidentiality rules (here).