Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Very Brief Blog: Intelligent Digital Pathology & AI? Three Media Sources This Week

We've talked for years now about "digital pathology" as in storing pathology slide images as readily as we do MRI and CT scans. 

Three articles on advanced digital pathology and the intersection with AI in the last several days.
  • In MedCityNews, an article about a $25M spinoff for digital pathology oncology decision support coming out of Memorial Sloan Kettering,  here.

  • In FierceHealthcare, an article on whether "computer algorithms may soon outperform pathologists," here.
  • The FierceHealthcare trade press is tied to an original opinion piece in JAMA Oncology, by Acsa and Rimm at Yale, "Not Just Digital Pathology, Intelligent Digital Pathology," here.   
    • This in turn is an op ed on a JAMA research article by Bejnordi et al on "deep learning algorithms for the detection of lymph node metastases in breast cancer," here.


For an NEJM 2016 article on machine learning in radiology and medicine, here; trade press on radiology and AI here and here.   For much more in that direction, just google the key words    machine learning radiology.