Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Brief Blog: Pitching Innovative Programs to the Health System C-Suite: Spellberg et al (2016)

Everyone working in healthcare talks about innovation, and this month Health Affairs features a dozen articles on diffusion of innovation in healthcare.

In the diagnostics industry, there have been articles and conferences about the need to move labs from "Lab 1.0" (specimen in, report out) to "Lab 2.0," a lab that is closely integrated with the goals of its health system, its ACO, best practices management, utilization management, high quality bundled care episodes, etc.   This perspective is not brand-new, but it's a growing emphasis.  For example, see Lab 2.0 articles in CAP TODAY here and here, an academic article by Crawford here, and the record of the November 2017 Santa Fe Lab 2.0 conference here.  I would also include Lewandroski's (MGH) book on modern lab goals and management here

Anyone interested in this topic, especially if you are based outside a health system, should read the excellent article by Spellberg and colleagues on pitching large scale innovation programs to the health system C-suite. 

The article uses the case study of funding and implementing new antibiotic stewardship programs.   However, I urge any reader to see it more broadly and thus applicable to bringing a "precision medicine program" to a health system, a pharmacogenomics program to the clinic, etc.   There may been many articles in the personalized medicine sphere over 10-15 years in which we are always on the cusp of some adoption revolution that is always two years away.  Spellberg's article provides a helpful perspective on what adoption and diffusion really means, in practical terms, in the nation's busy and overstresssed health care systems.

The article is open access here.   I highlighted it in a public presentation at National Academy of Medicine in 6/2018, here.

Spellberg B, Bartlett JG, Dilbert DN (2016)  How to pitch an antibiotic stewardship program to the hospital C-suite.  Open Forum Infect Dis 3(4):ofw210.

On a tangent to Spellberg, new articles on Alternate Payment Models and on ACOs in the 2/20/2018 JAMA, here and here.