Thursday, November 9, 2017

Very Brief Blog: Most Active Investors in Diagnostics & Tools (Silicon Valley Bank Report)

At the SoCal Bio digital health conference this week I had the chance to talk to staff from Silicon Valley Bank, who pointed me to their mid-year investments report.   The report is available online here.   A screenshot show the most active investors in diagnostics & tools, by number of deals.

AME Cloud Ventures is led by Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo.  Investments in genomics include Color Genomics, uBiome and Whole Biome.  Khosla Ventures manages investments in genomics firms like Color Genomics, Genalyte, Guardant, and Whole Biome.

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Footnote: San Diego-based  Genalyte is the company working on a one-drop-of-blood compact fast multi analyte test that isn't Theranos.