Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Brief Blog: AMA Supports New Policies for Precision Medicine

See an article in the November 14, 2017 FierceHealthcare covering a new 15 page report by the AMA House of Delegates supporting better access to precision medicine. 

  • FierceHealthcare article, here.
  • Full AMA report online at AMA, here.
  • Cloud version of the 15 pages re: Precision Medicine, here.
The report in part collates existing AMA positions on precision medicine, and adds new material.   For example, the new report highlights AMA's (and CAP's) support for the "LCD Clarification Act," see prior blog here.   The report discusses AMA's (e.g. CAP's) unhappiness with some Palmetto GBA (i.e. MolDx) LCDs.   

The report recommends some homework for AMA:  collating and merging 7 existing policies in precision medicine.   It also cites some allied topics, such as the need for precision medicine integration with EHR's and digital health.   The report concludes with 13 recommendations and has a 22 publication bibliography.