Monday, November 27, 2017

Very Brief Blog: Flurry of Sources on Liquid Biopsy including FDA-AACR Conference

In October 2017, the FDA and AACR held a joint full day conference on promises and challenges in the Liquid Biopsy field.  The workshop was co-chaired by Carlos Arteaga and Pasi Janne for AACR; and Julia Beaver, Gideon Blumenthal, and Reen Philip for FDA.  (This was the second FDA-AACR workshop; the first was in July 2016).
  • Full workshop transcripts and slides have now been posted, as well as video.  Here.
    • The consolidated slide deck is 12 mb, 236 pp.  The transcripts total 117 pp.
    • Agenda here.
  • For subscription meeting coverage at Genomeweb by Molika Ashford, here.
In addition, both Genomeweb (subscription) and the Next Generation Technologist summarized some AMP discussions of Liquid Biopsy at the recent Salt Lake City conference in November 2017.   Genomeweb here; Next Gen Technologist, here.

See also a long article in CAP TODAY in October 2017 on liquid biopsy, here.


MedCity News had coverage of highlights from the June ASCO conference, here; Genomeweb here.  Genomeweb also covered reference materials issues last summer (here).