Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Brief Blog: Rise of Digital Health: At Advamed and at JP Morgan

It's only a several years ago that the term Digital Health came to replace terms like medical software and EHRs and telemedicine to reflect a comprehensive umbrella for things digital or virtual in healthcare.

This month, Advamed announces "ADVAMED DIGITAL," a separate program within Advamed, just as it has the separate Advamed Diagnostics program created in 2010.

Advamed Digital

  • Press release announcing Advamed Digital, here.
  • Homepage for Advamed Digital, here.
  • Medcitynews article on Advamed Digital ("Bringing the Sexy (back) to Medtech"), here.
  • Homepage for the March 2, 2016, Advamed Digital Conference in San Francisco, here.

Digital Medicine Showcase (alongside JP Morgan)

Separately, alongside the longstanding JP Morgan life sciences conference in San Francisco in January, the conference group EBD will run a "Digital Medicine Showcase 2017."   January 10-11, website here.