Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Brief Blog: Biz Coalition Urges New Administration to Stay the Course on "Value Based Care"

According to Forbes, December 8, a 43-member coalition for "Value Based Care" (e.g. capitated, managed like ACOs, driven by quality metrics) wants the new administration to go further in this direction.

For the article by Bruce Japsen, here.  For the home page of the Health Care Transformation Task Force, here.   The coalition includes the largest insurers (Aetna, BCBS; large health plans like Advocate; large employers like Boeing.)

The group posted a 7-page letter to the President-Elect on December 6, here.

The HTTF was announced almost two years ago, in January 2015, here.
For its part, and separate from HTFF, Medicare is part of a "Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network," of HCP-LAN, which "brings together providers, payers, and others in the health care system."  HCP-LAN has a website, here.