Monday, November 28, 2016

Tevi Troy: Democratic Politicians Can Spread Plenty of Fake News, Too

Tevi Troy: Dems and Fake News

A well-known Republican health policy expert wrote a few years ago that misleading and damaging rhetoric is not limited to any one shrill stakeholder group, or to the current waves of disinformation and "fake news." 

In his book "US Health Policy: An Insider's Perspective"  Republican health expert Tevi Troy argues that in various instances, Democrats wrongly smeared various Republicans as "wanting to kill Medicare" or "destroy Medicare" by print or commercials in the past decade.  In some cases, these contributed to the politician's political demise.  

Troy is CEO of the American Health Policy Institute.  The 2014 book, "US Health Policy: An Insider's Perspective," is a collection of his journal articles and op-eds.

In addition to serving in a senior HHS position in the Bush II administration, Troy has written a number of books on history and policy, such as "Intellectuals and the American Presidency" and "Shall We Wake the President?  Two Centuries of Disaster Management."    


See two articles on "Shall We Wake The President?" in National Review, here and here.


Troy's brother, Gil Troy, is a prolific historian at McGill University.