Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brief Blog: Keeping Up with the MED-C Cancer Genomics Registry

MED-C was initially established almost two years ago (here).

MED-C took on renewed importance when MOLDX issued a revised lung cancer gene panel LCD in September 2016.  In return for greater coverage, labs are to follow new, expanded and detailed requirements for patient  genomic and clinical outcome data which is to be contributed to a public non profit registry that must meet an extensive list of requirements (here).

To help you keep up with MED-C, here are some key links.
  • MED-C organization website, here.   
  • Press release on the recently expanded MED-C expert panel, here.
  • Press release on MED-C's IRB approval, here.
  • page for the MED-C registry (NCT02900248), here.
  • MED-C announces "Biomedical Data Commons," or "BDC," here.
  • 23-page deck about MED-C, by MED-C, here.
  • March 2016 article in NATURE about pragmatic registries, including TAPUR and MED-C, here.