Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WSJ Lead Article on Advanced Diagnostics in Prostate Cancer

A May 9, 2016 article by Melinda Beck in the Wall Street Journal provides deep-dive coverage for its readers on the boom in more precise prostate cancer testing, and how such tests are targeting different points in the cycle (from handling an abnormal PSA, to deciding whether to do a prostatectomy, to deciding whether to add adjuvant radiation.)   The subscription article is here.   

Tests noted in the article include Prolaris by Myriad Genetics, 4KScore by OPKO Health, Prostate Health Index PHI by Beckman Coulter, SelectMDX by MDX Health, a forthcoming urine-based test from Exosome Diagnostics, the University of Michigan's Michigan Prostate Score (MPS), ConfirmDX from MDxHealth, OncotypeDX Prostate by Genomic Health, ProMark by MetaMark Genetics, and Decipher by GenomeDx Biosciences...ten tests.

The article should be read in context with a current JAMA letter on how badly misinterpreted some RCTs of PSA testing are (here).