Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CMMI Announces Launch of "Comprehensive Primary Care Plus" in FFS Medicare

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation has been on a roll, launching a new Oncology Care Management program, a comprehensive and mandatory regional Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement program, a vast national Part B drug payment reform (proposed only), and proposing to transfer a past demo program in Diabetes Prevention to a permanent Medicare benefit based on its interpretation of the demo as cost saving (here).   Now there's a new one: Comprehensive Primary Care Plus.  Details after the break.

On April 11, 2016, CMS announced a new Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPCP or CPC+) program that will provide risk-based supplements to primary care practices, as low as $6 per month for healthy patients and up to $100 per month for the most complex patients.   This range of $72 to $1200 per year compares to advertisements I get at home in Los Angeles to move my care to a concierge internal medicine practice for $149 ("first year intro rate").

The program was rolled out with several CMS announcements, a CMS web portal, and paired to a feature online article at JAMA and one at NEJM.

For further information, see:

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New term for me this week: CMS/CMMI has a "Seamless Care Models Group" or SCMG.