Wednesday, June 12, 2024

CMS Releases Ten Year National Health Expenditure Forecast

On June 12, 2024, CMS released national health expenditure projections which run forward to 2032.   

  • See the press release here.
    • Medicare growth rate, including the large aging population, is 7.4% for 2023-2032.  It's a bit less by 2030, when the last baby boomer will enroll, and the oldest baby boomers are dying off.
    • Medicaid costs, commercial insurance, and physician services all grow circa 5.5%.  
    • By 2032, health care spending as share of the economy will be 19.7% (20%).
  • See downloadable PDFs and charts here.
    • See in particular the PPT summary 14 pages here.
  • See the paired, open-access article at Health Affairs, Fiore et al., here.

  • CMS deck.
    Dalle 3 interprets HA Fiore et al.