Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Brief Blog: Auto Transcript of CMS Annual Lab Meeting (June 25, 2024)

On June 25, 2024, CMS held its annual lab meeting for public comment on pricing of new lab tests.  There were almost 60 presentations from 9 am to 430 pm ET.

It's difficult for an auto-transcript to master this complex audio material, but for all its typos, the 97-page auto-transcript provides an imperfect though skimmable record.   Time-stamps in each of 4 transcript sections will match fairly closely to timepoints within four video uploads I made of the meeting.   

  • For example, 
    • If you skim the agenda of the PDF and want #34, Natera, 
    • search the transcript for "Natera" (it will be page 56 of the PDF), 
    • and it corresponds to about "minute 39" in "Video 3."

VIDEO ONE - #1 MelMont to #18 OncoHost

VIDEO TWO - #18 OncoHost (cont) to #28 CytoVale [lunch]

VIDEO THREE - #29 C2N DX to #44 Exact Sci

VIDEO FOUR - #45 Phenomics to #56 Wash Univ

Find the  table of contents and auto transcript at Google Drive here, with links to YouTube for each part.