Sunday, May 19, 2024

AI Corner: AI's Remarkable Ability to Read, Review, and Summarize

One of the key skills of large language models like ChatGPT is their ability to rapidly read and summarize texts, such as journal articles or, with training, doctor-patient interviews.

This weekend, I used AI to summarize several podcasts and a book that I encountered.  AI can instantly produce information in different formats. For example, AI can first create a traditional book review and then, in the next moment,  show you the same material as a Q&A with five questions and five answers. The Q&A format can enhance engagement and retention (see Chat GPT 4o on Socratic Method).

I also asked ChatGPT-4 to summarize the reasons for reading a whole book versus a concise summary of it.

    See another example of summarization by AI, from an earlier blog.  Novitas released a very long transcript of 20 speakers at a public LCD meeting.  I fed each page (speaker) of transcript into Chat GPT, getting a concise paragraph summary of each speaker's main message(s).  Here.