Monday, January 3, 2022

Very Brief Blog: The Story Behind "Operation Warp Speed" Vaccines; Two Open Source Articles

We all know that vaccine discovery for COVID involved massive injections of government money and close regulatory-commercial cooperation.   However, there isn't that much written about the inner history of Operation Warp Speed yet.

This is the headline message of a blog by academic Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution, published in September, here.  He begins by citing the books - Gottlieb's "Uncontrolled Spread," among several - that don't say too much about Operation Warp Speed (OWS) or its co-leader, General Perna. 

One of the first responses to that blog is a citation to an article new to me, David Adler's long article in American Affairs on OWS, published in May 2022.   Find it here

There's also a February 2021 report, 47pp, by GAO, here.  A shorter report at 4pp from Congressional Research Service, here.

WSJ op ed in February 2021, here.  See an article in Lancet, March 2021, here.   An NPR look-back from August 2021 here.   Find a podcast with (former) Sen. Bill Frist and Eric Hargan, prior Deputy Secretary of Health, 1/2022, here.


Provenance.  Link to Tabarrok blog was in the show notes for a podcast interviewing health expert Tevi Troy here.