Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Lawsuits, Associations Go After "Gouging" on COVID Test Prices

Update August 25.  While continuing to emphasized I have no "right" or "wrong" in this story, and just providing links, two updates.

NYT covers the topic on September 25 - here.   

GS Labs countersues Blues plan, August 5, here.

Update, GS Labs sues MN plan, November 1, here.

Original July 27 blog...


In legislation in spring 2020, Congress required COVID testing to be covered without a copay, and set the price as the lab's public price on its website.   HHS reminded payors of their obligations in a June 9 announcement - here.

But from the payor side, incoming missiles.  See an article July 26 at MedCityNews about a BCBS plan suing a test provider over "price gouging."  Here.  They also posted the 29-page legal document here.  BCBS press release here.

See also AHIP, the payors' trade association.   See their price release about COVID test pricing and exceptional (high) pricing - here.  It's paired with a 3-page infographic, here.

News stories about the lab date back to 12/2020 (here).