Thursday, July 1, 2021

Very Brief Blog: AMA Updates PLA Codes Through July 1, 2021; Plus, New Cat III Codes.

AMA takes applications for PLA proprietary lab codes quarterly, and posts the final codes at the end of the quarter.   So, the April PLA applications have now been finalizing and posted by the AMA as a July 1, 2021, update.   

Separately, see AMA update of Category III codes too, including several in digital health - here.


PLA web page here:

Current July 1, 2021 update PDF here:

AMA posts a "running total" of codes since the last AMA annual book.   So the July 1 list of PLA codes includes all those that have been finalized since the January 2021 annual book.  For example, the current new PLA PDF includes a number of August 2020 PLA codes for COVID, because they missed the deadline for the January 2021 book.  Entirely new codes, first released July 1, start with 0255U and run up to 0284U.

AMA notes the current revisions include:

  • Revision of 0051U; deletion of 0139U, 0168U, and addition of codes 0255U-0284U.

Nerd Tidbit

These PLA codes were submitted to AMA around April 1, released in draft for comment in mid April, and finalized by AMA at the early May AMA CPT meeting.   With release on the AMA website on July 1.  However, for each spring quarter the AMA release on July 1 is always anticlimactic, because the same PLA codes entered the CMS summer pricing process and were published by CMS around May 25.