Sunday, March 28, 2021

Very Brief Blog: Three Interesting Articles: (1) DNA Horizons & COVID (NYT); What's Next Moderna (Forbes); Payer Medical Directors as Leaders (McKinsey)

Three interesting readings came across my desk this weekend.

  1. Genomics Boom.  New York Times Sunday Magazine runs a feature article on the boom in genomics in the last several years, the explosion in sequencing technologies triggered by COVID, and what's next for healthcare and society.  By Jon Gertner.
    1. Here.
  2. Moderna's Horizon.  Perhaps even more interesting, Forbes runs a long interview with the CEO of Moderna, and talks about what's next - cancer vaccines, a far more effective flu vaccine, and much more, based on the horizons made possible by injectable RNA technologies.  By Leah Rosenbaum.
    1. Here.
  3. Chief Medical Officers. The global consultancy McKinsey and Company releases a 5 page white paper on the increasingly important strategic role of payer medical directors and chief medical officers.
    1. Here.


Unrelated to the McKinsey article, an article appeared by subscription in Financial Times on "the value of corporate chief medical officers."  A copy of the FT article appeared to be reflected here.