Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Trapelo Hosts Podcasts with Medicare and Commercial Payer Viewpoints

Trapelo Health is an interesting organization that aims to improve the patient experience for cancer patients, reducing complexity and making decisions more clear

  • Find their website here.
  • The week after this blog was written, Neogenoimcs acquired Trapelo for $65M - here.

Trapelo offers some interesting media collateral.   (Email sign-up required).

  • See an interesting 60-minute webinar, an interview between Lee Newcomer MD, former chief medical officer of United Healthcare, and Clynt Taylor, CEO of Trapelo Health.  Here.
  • See their podcast series with leaders in precision medicine.  Sign up for access here.  Of particular interest to reimbursement issues, see:
    • Episode 44, February 22, 2020, 25 min, with Dr. Gabriel Bien-Willner of MolDx.
      • Bien-Willner is also heard in Episode 40, October 29, 2020.
    • Episode 20, July 25, 2019, Chet Burrell, former CEO of CareFirst BCBS.
    • Helpfully, Trapelo provides {DFs as well as audio.
    • Podcasts are hosted by Jerome Madison, Trapelo's VP for Provider Relations.


Tangents from the topic of Trapelo Health.  See the new alliance between Foundation Medicine and Informed DNA (here), and read about an alliance between PWN Health and Sema4, the latter recently valued at $2B.  See also the approach of Cancer Commons to clarifying the confusing journey of cancer patients (here).  Grand Rounds, which has one line of business in oncology second opinions, merges this week with Doctor on Demand in a "multi billion" dollar deal.  Doctor on Demand recently raised $75M, while Amazon announces virtual-first healthcare services here.   CMT Solutions has prior authorization as a core competence, but advertises a range of services including genetic counseling; raises $10M (here).  XIFIN, which began as a lab billing firm, doesn't forward-integrate into patient care services but does provide advanced financial data like copay estimators (here).  Yet another firm aiming to sherpa over the patient-payer divide is Transcarent, recently raising $44M.

In a similar vein, see news at Genomeweb (here) that ACMG has published a new guidance on bringing together genetic screening tests with effective clinical counseling, follow-up, and care (here).   Challenges include lack of funding for genetic counseling in most health systems.