Thursday, December 3, 2020

Very Brief Blog: New York Times Publishes Long Article on Mission-Critical Lab Industry Staff

On December 3, the New York Times online offers a long article on the hard working professionals in the U.S. clinical laboratory industry.   I suspect it will appear in the Sunday print version.

The link is here:

Sound bite:

Nearly a year into a pandemic that has claimed more than 272,000 American lives, some 192 million tests for the coronavirus have been processed nationwide. Millions more will be needed to detect and contain the virus in the months ahead. Behind these staggering figures are thousands of scientists who have been working nonstop to identify the coronavirus in the people it infects.

Across the nation, testing teams are grappling with burnout, repetitive-stress injuries and an overwhelming sense of doom. As supply chains sputter and laboratories rush to keep pace with diagnostic demand, experts warn that the most severe shortage stymieing America’s capacity to test is not one that can be solved by a wider production line or a more efficient machine. It is a dearth of human power: the dwindling ranks in a field that much of the public does not know even exists.