Thursday, December 10, 2020

ASU Diagnostics Resources; New George Poste Deck on COVID Science/Policy Intersection

ASU offers a unique Master's program in Biomedical Diagnostics - here.  Oriented to COVID, they also offer some "Diagnostic Commons" websites, developing one for the workplace (Workplace Commons here) and one for testing (Testing Commons here).  They also run a good webinar series with an archive of presentations (here).  And a blog site here.

On December 8, the ASU team held a fifty-person diagnostics workshop devoted to COVID policy.   ASU's national thought leader on diagnostics, Regents Professor George Poste, runs an extensive website of his frequent talks, here, part of the CASI or Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative.   Poste has posted his 34-slide deck from the December 8 workshop here.  Recommended.

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