Tuesday, July 28, 2020

What Does a COVID Second Wave Look Like? Graphic from WSJ

The July 28, 2020 WSJ carries this graphic of the COVID second wave:

The graphic is scaled to population (per 100,000 people).   Find the full article here.  Note that below the colored-line states, the spread of severity (in pale gray lines) is almost continuous from 4,000 per 100K down to dozens per 100K.

Just visible behind some other colors, Arizona shows a dip in the past two weeks (red line).

Results for confirmed testing will, of course, vary with test availability or turnaround time delays.

In other news, Baltimore reports that the 56-year-old director of critical care at Mercy Medical Center, Dr. Joseph Costa, died of COVID this week (here).  CDC tallies nearly 600 US healthcare workers dead from COVID, but thinks that number is low.