Tuesday, July 21, 2020

AMA Issues Belated July PLA Code Proposals for Rapid Stakeholder Review

Each quarter, AMA accepts PLA (Proprietary Laboratory Analysis) applications, posts them  briefly for public comment, and then finalizes them - usually in a period of a few weeks.

This cycle, AMA missed its PLA posting deadline but now on July 21 they are up.  "Interested party comments" are due at AMA by July 27, in advance of the PLA committee editorial discussion around July 29, and the Editorial Panel Vote around August 6.   You can also register to listen to the August 6 editorial vote, but it's usually pretty rapid (usually board members log on, vote quickly on the whole list of codes, and sign off.)

See the PLA page here.

See the PLA code agenda for July/August here.  There are about 19.


Highlights include PLA code proposals for a 311 gene Foundation Medicine liquid biopsy test, COVID panels from Cepheid and Genmark,  9 genetic tests from Variantyx, and an antibody virus neutralization test for COVID (ArcPoint Tru Immune),