Monday, June 8, 2020

Very Brief Blog: White House Releases Six-Page Addendum to COVID Testing Plan

There are a number of places to go for federal COVID guidance - there's an HHS website for COVID testing here.   There are general White House Guidelines for opening up America - here.  And there's "" which is a third option here.  (There's also the interagency treatment guidelines housed at NIH - here.)

As far as I can tell, White House, CDC, FDA, releases a "Six Page Addendum" to the national testing plan on June 5, 2020.

Find it here:

I've also put a cloud copy here.

Frankly, as a six page guidance document   in fairly large font, it doesn't say a lot, but it's worth tracking.  The feds note that pooled samples may be used for community/workplace health purposes, and they discuss potential use of large scale testing by colleges and universities ("research testing capacity [can] support surveillance testing on campus.")   

See also the newest article by Scott Gottlieb and Lauren Silvis, in WSJ on June 7 - here.  The subheadline?  "Companies can deploy tools like pooling samples to detect outbreaks."